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Bob-a-Job Week


Well done all Scout Group members by your hard efforts you managed to raise 707.98, but equally, if not more important you did a great number of jobs for many different people outside of your family members giving our Scout Group a great name for willing young workers doing a good job. So, a pat on the back for all you Bob-A-Jobbers. Those doing the most jobs for the most different people and the higher earners were:
Beaver Felicity 30 doing 6 jobs for 10 people.
Beaver Ellie 20 doing 11 jobs for 5 people.
Beaver Beatrice 20 doing 7 jobs for 5 people.
Wolf Cub Josh 85 doing 23 jobs for 20 people.
Wolf Cub Jack 41 doing 5 jobs for 10 people.
Scout Leo 41.66 doing 7 jobs for two people but also helping with great praise at the South Stoke Fireworks.
Scout Charles Wake 24 doing 4 jobs for 4 people.

What a great effort by our Wolf Cub hero of the Bob-A-Job 2017 - Wolf Cub Josh Schmidt.
Points for your efforts in Bob-A-Job have been added to your Beaver, or Wolf Cub, or Scout of the Year Competition results.


Well done to the following highest section earners and most jobs:
Beaver Toby Miller with the great sum of 44.00 possibly the highest for a Beaver.
Wolf Cub Lucas Johns - top earner in the Wolf Cub at the present time.
Senior Scout Troop Leader Sebastian Avery - again the top earner in the Scouts at the present time.


Again this year on two Saturdays in October and part of the School Half Term, the Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers eagerly set out Bob-A-Jobbing and again met with the great welcoming reception that people give to see the youngsters in their full traditional uniforms prepared to do jobs for no personal gain for themselves and 'Doing a Good Turn To Others' as Baden-Powell conceived the idea.

And what a success story yet again this year, the Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers put all their energy into the event and received such great compliments for jobs well done. The high earners this year for each section were as follows :-

Tom earned 45.00.
Lodge Seconder Lucas earned 16.00
Archie earned 14.63.
Average Beaver member earnings 12.09 beating last year's average.

Wolf Cubs:
Jack earned 45.00.
Sixer Max earned 26.10.
Freddie earned 17.00.
Average Wolf Cub member earnings 17.40 also beating last year's average.

Patrol Seconder Sebastian earned 132.50.
Senior Scout patrol Leader Jack earned 30.00.
Patrol Leader Abigail earned 30.00
Average Scout member earnings 24.14 also beating last year's average but greatly boosted by Sebastian's great effort. 'JOBS WELL DONE' Sebastian and what a marathon of an effort you put into this.

What a great effort and a new all time record earnings by Patrol Leader Sebastian, making the total Scout Group's Bob-A-Job earnings this year a total of 670.60, whilst carrying out a great variety of jobs for a great number of different households. Whilst overall earning were slightly down on last year it was great to see the effort that the Scouts, wolf Cubs and Beavers put into this year's Bob-A-Job.

Sebastian's parents thought that you all might like to share the efforts made by Sebastian and how proud they are of what he has achieved in his 'Bob-A-Job' :

Sebastian is too proud to mention this but we thought you would like to know just how incredibly hard he has worked on his Bob-A-Job this year!

He has even accomplished 3 or more jobs per day, at the weekends and during the Half-Term, one straight after the other. He has become much more organised too this year, visiting neighbours and creating and sending out a little email leaflet of his own (listing jobs he can do). He has taken calls and 'bookings' and put all his jobs in the family diary, so we know what he is up to! The best thing of all is he is doing all the work with a smile and very thoroughly. He is enjoying fulfulling jobs that others can't, won't or don't want to do, e.g.: Feeding, walking and caring for a neighbour's dog, that is too old to survive kennels; applying smelly polish to the treasured leather upholstery of an elderly man's car; helping a lady, who has a bad back, to move books and papers from one room to another. The funniest job turned out to be doing some childcare for a local Mum who has 3 very young children. Sebastian ended up offering guidance on 'conflict resolution' between the kids!. He has also worked extremely hard on every job to do a very thorough job and clearing up afterwards! I have had some lovely comments back from his 'clients'.

Bob a job this year has been a real turning point for Sebastian and thank you again for all your encouragement. He really does love being a member of your Scout Troop and especially being a proper British Boy Scout.


Again this year on two Saturdays in October, the Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers eagerly set out Bob-A-Jobbing and met with the great welcoming reception that people give to see the youngsters in their full traditional uniforms prepared to do jobs for no personal gain for themselves and doing a Good Turn To Others as Baden-Powell conceived the idea.
And what a success story again this year, the youngsters went at it 'hammer & tongs' and received such good compliments for jobs well done. The high earners for each section were as follows :-
William earned 15.00 carrying out 6 jobs for 5 different households.
Jack earned 11.00
Rose earned 10.00
Average Beaver member earnings 8.17
Wolf Cubs:
Ethan earned 50.50 carrying out 18 jobs for 14 different households
Charlie earned 23.90
Thomas earned 21.20
Average Wolf Cub member earnings 12.23
Max earned 77.00 carrying out 24 jobs for 20 different households
Seb earned 59.50
William earned 38.20
Average Scout member earnings 21.23
Most of the Girl Scouts within our Troop earned more than the average
What a great effort and all time record earnings by Scout Max, making the total Scout Group's Bob-A-Job earnings this year a total of 774.64, whilst carrying out a total of 324 jobs for 228 households. Checking back on records of The Boy Scout Association's Bob-A-Job earnings in 1957 in this area, the South Chiltern District (8 Troops) earned a total of 215/5s/0d, an average of 16s/5d per member When Mr. Storton was Scoutmaster, maybe someone would let us know how much this would have been in today's money value?
Clearly our Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers make Baked Potatoes and not Couch Potatoes. Well Done Everyone and a big thanks to all who gave jobs during Bob-A-Job.

"Hello, I've just had Lukas  and Thomas at my house doing bob-a-job and I wanted you to know that they were a credit to your scout group. They were very polite, diligent and eager. They did an excellent job of cleaning my windows with a wonderfully positive attitude despite the fact it was pouring down with rain! They deserve a commendation. Best wishes, "

Please find below some pictures of some of our Wolf Cubs and Scouting doing Bob-a-job.


More Bob-A-Job Photos


The Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers have been very busy again this October with their Bob-a-Jobbing, with record amounts being earned by some members. The top earners so far are ~ Beavers (6 to 8 year) Lucas earning 19.50 having done 11 jobs for 11 different people followed closely by Tristan earning 15.00; Wolf Cubs (8 to 11 years) Max earning 44.55 having done 18 jobs for 16 different people, followed closely by James earning 30.50p and Jamie 24.50; Scouts (11 to 15 years) David earning the incredible amount of 69.50 having done 18 jobs for 18 different people, followed closely by Sebastian earning 40.00 and Troop Leader Gareth 32.50. Several of the Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers have still not yet completed their Bob-a-Jobbing so even the above fantastic earnings may be beat.
As Baden-Powell originally intended for the scheme, Bob-a-Job is for Scouts to do good turns for others by making a good job to the best of their ability in exchange for a small reward, rather than encouraging Scouts to expect something for doing nothing. Clearly our Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers live up to the ideals of the scheme set by Lord Baden-Powell.


Top Earners:

Beavers ~ Jennah 14.20. Jennah carried out 9 jobs for 8 different people ~ well done Jennah. 

Wolf Cub ~ David 55.47. David carried out 23 jobs for 17 different people ~ David, you definitely hold the record for the highest earnings, the most jobs carried out, with the most customers ~ an all round clear record to-date. Great Scouting attitude David.

Wolf Cub ~ Alex 40.50. Alex carried out 17 jobs for 11 different people ~ very well done Alex, you have also beaten any previous records.

Wolf Cubs ~ Sebastian 24.00 and William 22.50 ~ both also worth a mention for their great effort.

Scouts ~ Ben 24.50. Ben carried out 7 jobs for 7 different people ~ well done Ben.

The jobs that were carried by the Group Members under their own initiative and were very diverse, included sweeping leaves, car cleaning, shopping, walking the dog, cleaning, picking apples and other gardening tasks, etc.

A great effort by all 'JOB WELL DONE'.

Name   Earnings
 JENNAH   14.20
 LEWIS J   13.00
 DANIEL   3.00
 MAX   5.00
 THOMAS   2.00
 CIARA T   7.00
 DOMINIC   10.00
 SEBASTIAN   24.00
 OSCAR   10.00
 JAKE   9.00
 OLIVER   3.00
 JAMES   15.00
 WILLIAM   10.00
 DAVID   55.47
 SAM   7.00
 ABIGAIL   14.00
 TILLEY-ROSE   12.00
 HARVEY   8.00
 ALEX   40.50
 WILLIAM   22.50
 MAX   19.50
 ISAAC   3.00
 KEREN   14.20
 JAMIE   8.40
 PHILIP   2.70
 ALEX SMITH   5.50
 AARON   3.00
 BEN   11.70
 HARRY   11.45
 SAM   4.00
 MATTHEW   5.50
 ARRON   5.50
 DILLY   8.00
 ETHAN   9.40
 THOMAS   3.50
GARETH   15.00
TOM   20.00
JOSEPH   18.50
SAM   10.00
SAPAN   11.00
ROBBIE   20.00
JACK   10.00
FRANKIE   10.00
BEN   24.50
TOTAL 539.02


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