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The Scout Movement was founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell (BP) in 1907. The first camp he organised was held on Brownsea Island with four patrols of boys from London and Bournemouth. After the success of the camp, BP wrote a book called Scouting for Boys; this was based on an army training manual he had previously written called Aids to Scouting. BP actually found that children were reading and carrying out the ideas in his Aids to Scouting book and so wrote Scouting for Boys which proved extremely popular and started the trend of boys making their own patrols and finding adults to help lead them. Within three years there were over 100,000 Scouts in the UK, compared to today where there are approximately twenty-five million members world-wide.

Scout Cooking

Scouts are usually aged between 11 and 15 and may be boys or girls.

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Scout Programme


Promise and Law

The Scout Law:

As it can be quite hard to remember the law, we have a little rhyme to help you (the key word is taken from the first 9 of the laws):

Trusty, Loyal, Helpful;
Friendly, Courteous, and Kind;
Obedient, Smiley, Thrifty;
Clean in body and mind.


The Scout Promise:

On My Honour I promise,
That I will do my best,
To do My Duty to God and The King,
To help other people at all times,
And obey The Scout Law.

Scouts being invested

The Scout Motto:

"Be Prepared"

The Patrol Leader 10 Commandments

Patrol Leaders and Seconds - You and Your Patrol (Click for more information)

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The Scout Programme and Badges

Go to the Scout's badge section for details of badges
Go to the Scout's POR page for details of the programme
Please click here for details of camps

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scout uniform

Scouts are easily recognised by their distinctive and very smart uniform. Please follow this link for uniform requirements

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Important Facts

Important facts about being a Scout at 2nd Goring and Streatley Scout Group:-

Meeting place:-, click here for directions

Meeting time:- The Troop meet every Tuesday evening from 19:30 to 21:00

Age: You can join Scouts at 11 years old. If you are already a Wolf Cub you can start coming to Scouts up to 3 months before this time.

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The Scout Salute

scout uniform

The Scout Half Salute

scout uniform

Flag Break

At the beginning of the troop meeting Flag Break is carried out.

The scouts are lined up in rows with the duty patrol at the front. The duty patrol should be aligned one step back from the flag. The other patrols should be spaced out as the hall/area allows. The scouters should line up facing the scouts. The PLs should be (from the point of view of the scoutmaster) on the left and the patrol second on the right.

In Flag Break, the union flag is folded such that it will be 'broken' when a cord is pulled. The duty PL will break the flag, step back 3 paces and then salute the flag. The other Scouts and Leaders will also salute the flag. 

At the end of the meeting, the union flag will be lowered by the duty PL (so that it does not touch the floor), step back 3 paces and nod to the lowered flag (a lowered flag is not saluted)

The commands and movements of Flag Break are as follows:

SM: "Troop, Troop, fall in patrols"

Everybody: Falls in patrols

SM: Troop, Troop Alert

Everybody: stands at alert (Only left leg moves - takes left knee up parallel to the floor and stamps it down to the alert)

SM: "Duty Patrol"

PL: Hands stave to the person on his left

PL: Takes one step forward leading with his left leg, takes right knee up parallel to the floor and stamps it down to the alert.

PL: Salutes

PL: "Ready for flag break Skip"

SM: Salutes back

SM: "Carry on"

(PL positions himself for flag break)

PL: Left Turn (left heel, right ball. Takes right knee up parallel to the floor and stamps it down to the alert)

PL: Smartly marches forward such that he is level with his PS but is facing the retire (Smartly stops by taking right knee up parallel to the floor and stamping it down to the alert).

PL: About turn (180 degree turn to the right, right heel, left ball, takes left knee up parallel to the floor and stamps it down to the alert)

(thus the PL positions himself by taking one step forward, turning to the left marching away from the flag, and the doing an about turn such that he is facing the flag.)

SM: "Troop, Troop, Stand At Ease"

Everybody: Stands at ease (the PL is now in command)

PL: "Troop, Troop, Alert"

Everybody: Stands at alert

PL: "Troop, Troop FLAG face"

Everybody: Left/Right turn as appropriate

PL: Marches towards the flag and stops with the stamp on right leg.

PL: Breaks the flag

PL: Takes two smart steps back (right stamp)

Everybody: Salutes the flag

PL: About turn

PL: "Troop, Troop FRONT face"

Everybody: Right/Left turn as appropriate

PL: Left wheel to position in the patrol (i.e. as the distance is short arc around to position in the patrol)

PL: About turn

PL: "Troop, Troop stand at ease"

Everybody: Stands at ease

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More Information

If you want to find out for yourself what we get up to, then please click here for more information and to contact us.

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