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Cub Activity Day Youlbury 2018

July 22, 2018, 10:06:34 pm by webmaster.

Cubs and Scouts took part in an activity at Youlbury Scout Activity Centre.
The first activity was climbing on the inclined climbing wall, as well as the actual climbing, all had a go at belaying too. Although not all made it to top, everybody pushed himself outside of his comfort zone, which was commendable.

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Group Camp 2018

June 25, 2018, 10:31:28 pm by webmaster.

Picture of the Group Camp 2018 have been uploaded:




The flying, bucket hat, bungee game

June 25, 2018, 10:21:41 pm by webmaster.

The flying, bucket hat, bungee game on the group camp



Josh Flies the Flag on Mount Everest

May 28, 2018, 03:18:42 pm by webmaster.

Intrepid explorer Scout Josh from the 2nd. Goring & Streatley on one of his many great adventures, this time to the Base Camp on Mount Everest and of course wearing his Scout Group T-shirt. Clearly having a great time and an experience of his life.

Mind you, since Josh returned from the BBS Scout adventure to extending a school in Uganda with three others of our Scouts (Sebastian, James and William) along with many more from the 1st Wessex led by Skip Paul Stevens, Josh straight after jumped of one plane and straight onto another and on and off planes ever since on his many great adventures World Wide.

Having visited Nepal and the Base Camp on Everest myself, the scenery is beautiful and the experience fantastic. In fact some years back the 2nd. Goring & Streatley Scout Group were trying to organise a Cycle Camp along the Kathmandu Valley to follow the pilgrims route and see the great number of beautiful historic monuments on route, a really spectacular trip, but unfortunately it did not happen for one reason or another.

I am blamed by Josh’s Mother for making him so adventurous, but clearly she is very proud of him and he has really grown into a real man, I am so pleased that Scouting him achieve the get and go and great confidence that he now has. Josh is such a friendly and caring person, with the real Scouting Spirit.



Beaver Handcraft Badge

May 28, 2018, 03:09:38 pm by webmaster.

The older Beavers have been beavering away in order to gain their badge before some leave to join the Wolf Cubs. The last thing was to make a play toy or similar that had moving parts or could be played with by pushing along, flying or even floating. The Beavers brought along a variety of toys and similar items they had made, clearly spending a great amount of time in making these.

So they brought along a dolls pram with wheels, a baby and knitted blanket; a model of Sydney Harbour with moveable characters on the beach and sea that Abigail made into a animation by moving the characters around on the model, this she played to the other Beavers on her notebook computer; another a wooden flannel holder for the bathroom with lolly sticks characters of her family above he hooks; another had made a space rocket and another a racing car (see photos of the last two).

A great effort and ingenious ideas by the Beavers who all passed this last test and will now be presented with their Beaver Handcraft badges.



Josh Experiences Great Scouting Fellowship

May 28, 2018, 02:58:54 pm by webmaster.

Our adventurous Senior Scout/Rover Scout Josh after his adventures on Mount Everest has met up with our fellow Order of World Scouts from the Nepal Peace Scouts in Kathmandu. The Nepal Peace Scouts were very pleased to welcome Josh and extended the hand of Scouting friendship to him during his stay with them. The photographs show Josh with some of the total 10,000 plus Nepal Peace Scouts from that country belonging to our International Organisation ‘The Order of World Scouts’.

It is hoped that 50 Scouts from the Nepal Peace Scouts will be joining us at the OWS International Scout Camp in Goring from the 28th.July to the 4th.August, 2018.



Scout Group's Chocolate Bingo Fun

February 23, 2018, 01:32:46 pm by webmaster.

The 2nd. Goring & Streatley BBS Scout Group held once again their Chocolate Bingo Session in Storton Lodge, Cleeve on Saturday, 27th. January, 2018 and what great fun we had, with the event well supported. Our resident Bingo callers Assistant Scout Master Stitchy and Rover Scout Sebastian did a brilliant and entertaining job of this, thanks again to both. Akela, Ahmeek and Senior Scout Abigail organised and ran the refreshments during the interlude with their usual efficiency and thanks to them.

We had one lucky star, a sister of one of our Beavers and Scouts who won four of the six 'Full Houses' ~ what are the odds of anyone doing that. She went home assisted by her family carrying heaps of chocolate of all different shapes and sizes.

The event was a great success with many that had attended the previous sessions returning for more fun and thanks to their support and generosity, we made a profit of £259.47 for the Scout Group funds.

If you missed our Chocolate Bingo this time then please make sure you are there next time to join in the great fun for all ages that is Chocolate Bingo.



Our Scout Group welcomes the new Bishop of Oxford

February 23, 2018, 01:24:18 pm by webmaster.

Scouts, Wolf Cubs, Beavers and Scouters attend a special Church Parade and Service to welcome the newly appointed Bishop of Oxford. The Scout Group gave the Bishop a very warm welcome. The Bishop was very impressed with the smartness of our uniforms, sturdiness on the cold morning of this parade and the very warm welcome he was given at St. Thomas' Church, Goring.



Brothers are the tops in scouting

February 23, 2018, 01:16:13 pm by webmaster.

Senior Scout Sebastian and brother Scout Ben were joint first in the Annual Scout of the Year Competition. And also quite amazingly Wolf Cub Leo and brother Beaver Isaac each gained the highest points in their sections of our Scout Group. In fact, these four very keen and truly reliable members have all previously been top in their Scouting sections, and are competing to see who can gain the most trophies presented yearly.

Points are gained for regular attendances at meetings, church parades, camps and other activities as well as supporting the fund raising events for the Scout Group including earning the most during Bob-A-Job. Sebastian has been one of the highest earners at Bob-A-job by earning well over £100 by great enterprising and hard graft.

So the Scout Group congratulates the four winners of this year’s ‘Scout, Wolf Cub and Beaver of the Year’ competitions.



Five Scouts Invested

February 23, 2018, 01:05:25 pm by webmaster.

On Tuesday, 28th. November 2017 five Scouts: Beth, Toby, Leo, Sophie and Sam were all invested, but being a very special Scout Troop our Scouts are invested in a very special and very memorable place for them, a place where at good times or bad they can return to reflect on the great times that they have had in their scouting, making their world feel a much better place for being in the Scouts and for their lives generally.

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Wolf Cubs Greet the Gift of a Famous Artist and Sculptor's Carved Totem Pole

December 03, 2017, 03:07:37 pm by webmaster.

The totem pole was carved in the 1930's by famous artist, sculptor and illustrator, and official war artist (in both World Wars) Eric Henri Kennington RA (1888 - 1960) who was a resident of Checkendon, Oxfordshire and is buried in the village Church Yard. The Wolf Cub Totem Pole was carved for the Checkendon Wolf Cub that closed down in the 1950's or thereabouts, and we have now been honoured with its safekeeping.

Eric Kennington famous pictures include 'An Infantryman Resting' 1916; 'The Kensingtons at Laventie' 1915; 'The Conquerers'; and other paintings that depicted the dreadful situations in war times. He was also commissioned to produce memorial monuments depicting famous battles for the Imperial War Museum; bronze bust of T.E. Lawrence in St. Paul's Cathedral and many other major sculptures. His great artistic works were exhibited at the Royal Academy maybe so should our Wolf Cub Totem Pole, something at least for our Scout Group to treasure.



Bob-a-Job 2017 results

December 03, 2017, 03:01:09 pm by webmaster.

Bob-a-Job 2017 results posted here



Remembrance Day parade and service 2017

December 02, 2017, 10:44:28 pm by webmaster.

Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers with their Scouters (Leaders) took a very active role in this year’s Remembrance Day Service at St, Mary’s Church, Streatley ensuring that the youngsters played their role in remembrance and respect for those unknown to them who gave so much for the lives we are able to live today.

Our Scout Group flag bearers were Matthew, Andy, Edward and Felicity. The Scout Group crosses were placed by Sophie (Scouts’), Josh (Wolf Cubs’) and Ellie (Beavers’). Wreath laid on behalf of the Church was placed by James and following the reading by Assistant Scout Master Trevor Ockwell of the ‘Kohima Epitaph’ a further wreath was ceremonially placed on the ‘Book of Remembrance’ by Beth. Prayers for the Intercession were read by Molly, Leo, Sam and Skip David Cooksley. Finally the collection bowls in aid of the British Legion were held by William and Ben.

The Scouts parade from the Goring Village Hall to St. Mary’s Church despite the cold weather there was a very smart turnout; with the Scouts forming their 'Guard of Honour' outside of the church for the congregation to pass through after the Service, receiving many words of praise for their smartness and thanks for attending from British Legion members, the Church and others; then it was parading back to the Goring Village Hall for dismissal. Well done all those who took part and I am pleased to hear that so many of your enjoyed the parade and well done the flag bearers it was quite a struggle with the high wind going over the river bridges, we all had to hold onto our hats.

Pictures Here



Cub/Scout Sleepover 2017

December 02, 2017, 10:04:47 pm by webmaster.

Sixteen Cubs and Scouts from 2nd Goring and Streatley stayed in Storton Lodge for a sleepover. The weekend involved lots of games, a short hike, fish and chips, and then movies on the big screen with popcorn – wearing our onesies. The next day, the cubs cooked their breakfast as part of their hose orderly badge.

Pictures have now been uploaded here



Wolf Cubs visit HMS Belfast, 10 Downing Street, and Flipout

October 01, 2017, 04:01:18 pm by webmaster.

We left with Wolf Cubs of 2nd Goring and Streatley to go by train to London Paddington. After arriving at Goring station, we took the Bakerloo line and Jubilee line to London Bridge Station. After taking a picture with Tower Bridge in the background, we boarded HMS Belfast and explored her. The Wolf Cubs enjoyed the turrets, bridge, sickbay and the engine room.

It was then time to take the Jubilee line again, but this time go on to Westmister Station. We were now hungry, so after a 10-minute walk we arrived at McDonalds at Whitehall.

Once we had finished lunch we walked towards Downing Street.
I had written to the Downing Street correspondence office several months ago, and wonderfully, they granted my request for us to enter Downing Street and have our picture taken outside the famous door.
So, just before Downing Street we assembled and made sure that our uniforms were very smart. During this time, we had no less than 20 different tourists ask if they could take our photo!

We then proceeded to the gate and showed the Police Officer on the gate the letter. He checked the adults’ photo ID and then allowed us through the gate into Downing Street. The Police Officer was very impressed with the smartness of our uniforms. After a quick security check, we could then approach the famous house. Sadly, the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office (Larry the cat) wasn’t about, but apparently he had been around in the morning. The Police Office told us a bit about Downing Street and took our picture of us outside the famous door of Number 10. The Police Officers were very friendly and accommodating, and we were made to feel very welcome.

After a quick look at the PMs armoured Jaguar, we thanked the Policer Officer and left the street (which is interestingly actually a col-de-sac).

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OWS Get Together 2017 - Poland

September 03, 2017, 02:09:08 pm by webmaster.

The Order of World Scouts (OWS) held their biennial ‘Get Together 2017’ in Poland, Scouts and Scouters from the 2nd. Goring & Streatley Scout Group took part, along with the 1st. Wessex and later visiting only Krakow the 1st. Newburgh & Dalton and 1st Read & Simonstone. The OWS ‘Get Together’ started in the beautiful city of Krakow, where 64 Scouts plus Scouters (Leaders) both Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts from Poland, Ukraine, Germany and the UK gathered and enjoyed two days of sightseeing around the city, visiting the famous Church of St. Mary in the large square where on the hour a trumpet players appears at the top of the spires to play; then we visited the excellent art gallery; the old fort and several other attractions; also enjoying the traditional Polish food. We were given a very warm welcome and David Cookley Grand Scout of the OWS addressed and welcome the Scouts to this the 4th. OWS ‘Get Together’.
We were expecting/hoping to be joined by 16 new OWS members from the Nepal Peace Scouts, but unfortunately the bureaucracy and the complication presented by the Schengan Accord, granted one visa but delayed the other 15 in the back/forth of negotiations between the Indian Embassy acting for the Nepal Scouts with the Swiss Embassy acting for the Schengan Accord. The Nepal Scouts were the ones to suffer who had been looking so much to joining with us.
From Krakow, we all moved on 135km to the Pieniny Mountains that border Poland and Slovakia, taking over the large mountain lodge perched at the top of the highest mountain in the range. One morning the lodge was above the low-lying clouds, a very strange feeling. During the three days spent in the mountains the Scouts undertook a very challenging hike of 25km over some of the most rugged terrain, Scouts who had done ‘bouldering’ in the UK consider the hike a far greater challenge. The hike took them to the peaks of the highest mountains in the range, across wide streams, up 70 degree pitched shale slopes, and across the border into Slovakia, and on a hot day. The different nations’ Scouts and Scouters budded-up and helped each other, and all arriving back at the mountain lodge on the scheduled time, happy and telling stories of their great adventures on route. This was the most strenuous that our UK Scouts had ever undertaken but what memories! Apart from the hike, the Scouts held two great camp fires with international songs and stunts, also games and other competitions.

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Scout Camp 2017

September 03, 2017, 01:37:36 pm by webmaster.

Pictures of the Scout Camp 2017 have been uploaded.

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Group Camp 2017

September 03, 2017, 01:33:13 pm by webmaster.

The Wolf Cubs and Scouts from the 2nd. Goring & Streatley held their Annual Weekend Camp at Bower Farm, Aldworth by kind permission of the Walters family. We were blessed with good weather so none of the planned activities were missed out. The activities included all the traditional activities of scouting, the Scouts cooking on open wood fires, camp fire, many different games and competition, Scout and Wolf Cub training and badge work, and a visit to the giants in Aldworth Church and talk on the history by Skip.
The main activity is the Annual Competition Hike that all the Wolf Cubs and Scouts take part in; and this year Stitchy came up with an incredible exciting competition hike involving map reading and hiking of course, but unusually the Wolf Cubs and Scouts were told to only wear parts of uniform which is unusual for our smart uniformed Scout Group, later they found out why. The hikers were allocated a Patrol to hike with. The map references given led to hidden wrapped parcels placed all over the Downs between Aldworth and Streatley, each parcel labelled with a Wolf Cub or Scout name. The named hiker had to then open the parcel and put on the costume enclosed. From the photographs you can see what great fun the Wolf Cubs and Scouts had with dressing up and face painting before continuing onto the next map reference and another costume, this created great entertainment for and questions of our members from other general public hikers on the Downs. Well done Stitchy a really great imaginative fun hike.
Needless to say this was another great successful camp, full of fun and laughter, what memories our Scouts and Wolf Cubs will have from these great adventures.

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St. George's Day Parade 2017

April 30, 2017, 01:11:59 pm by webmaster.

Pictures for the St. George's Day Parade 2017 have now been uploaded

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Wolf Cub Sleep-over and BBS get together

December 31, 2016, 01:55:56 pm by webmaster.

Ten Wolf Cubs from 2nd Goring and Streatley, joined five Wolf Cubs from 1st Upper Rissington took part in a Wolf Cub Sleepover and BBS Get Together.

The Wolf Cubs arrived at the 1st Newbury Scout hut at around 14:00 on Saturday, all very smartly turned out in their uniforms. After Grand Howl, the Cubs played a few ‘get to know you’ games and then some favourite cub games. All accompanied with the warmth of the log burner in the hut.

The 1st Newbury Scout hut has a very lovely camp fire circle so the Cubs proceeded to build a very large camp fire and learn about the correct way to do it under the instruction of some scouts. We would be having a camp fire later, but first we would have a small hike around Newbury. The hike would take us along the towpath of the Kennet and Avon Cannel and then through the Town Centre.

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Wolf Cub Brownsea Island camp

July 14, 2016, 06:50:50 pm by webmaster.

2nd Goring and Streatley Wolf Cubs join 1st Wessex on Brownsea Island for a camp.

More Images



Senior Scout Jack Gains the Grand Scout Master Crown Award

May 22, 2016, 08:29:20 pm by webmaster.

Senior Scout Jack after many years in the 2nd. Goring & Streatley BBS Scout Group and passing many tests and badges to develop good citizenship by forming his character and developing skills in leadership, observation, obedience, self-reliance, inculcating loyalty and thoughtfulness for others; service to the public and promoting his physical, mental and spiritual development has finally achieved the highest accolade award for a Scout, that of the ‘Grand Scout Master Crown Award’ which is identical in the training and skills to be achieved as required for the Boy Scout Association’s ‘Queen Scout Award’ before this changed in the 1960’s. The last Senior Scout in Goring or Streatley to gain such an award was approximately 1958/1960 this demonstrates very high standard that this award commands and is acknowledged both publically, by employers and also counts towards university entrance.

More Pictures

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St. George's Day Parade & Visit 2016 - Sherborne, Gloucestershire

May 22, 2016, 08:10:24 pm by webmaster.

This year's Association's St. George's Day Parade and Service took place in Sherborne, Gloucestershire where a new BBS Scout Group had just been formed. 2nd. Goring & Streatley chartered a 60 seater coach to take us all to the parade, but even two cars had to follow carrying the 65 booked to attend. Our party comprised the Beavers, Wolf Cubs, Scouts, Senior Scouts, Scouters and our new Rover Crew. We all gathered at Goring & Streatley Railway Station at 7:45am on Sunday, 24th. April, 2016 ready to depart at 8:00am on the dot.

On arriving at Sherborne we had a quick snack before joining with the main parade comprising contingents from four BBS Scout Groups. The parade was led by a bagpiper and drummer so it was easy to maintain a good marching pace and all in step. The parade was just over a mile long to the beautiful Mary Magdalene Church at Sherborne that adjoins the very historical and very grand manor house. Just before the church there was a Saluting Base occupied by the High Bailiff of Northleach, his wife and old members of the BBS from early Scout Groups in Cirencester and Gloucester. The service was prepared by David Cooksley, Chief Commissioner and involved as many of the scouting congregation as possible from all the groups in attendance and was led by Canon Ron Lloyd.

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Great British boy Scout Bake Off

April 03, 2016, 05:37:44 pm by webmaster.

Senior Scouts from the 2nd. Goring & Streatley BBS Scout Troop amongst many other interesting and challenging badges undertook the 'Master Cook' badge that involved roasting, boiling and baking under traditional Scouting camp cooking condition on open wood fires and mud ovens, with some spectacular and top chef results using only fresh ingredients ~ beautiful bread and butter puddings, shepherd's pies, camp bread, casseroles, fish dishes, pasta and garlic bread, curries and spotted dick, etc. Mums and Dads who have camped with the Scouts previously know how challenging the meals are and what great cooks the Scouts make, in fact even suggesting that we challenge the Master Chef Team to a cooking competition using Scout camp cookhouses only, great idea.

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Still The Smartest Scout Group in English

April 03, 2016, 05:25:16 pm by webmaster.

The 2nd. Goring & Streatley BBS Scout Group proved it again, not only are they the Scout Troop to win the last time (three times all together) the ‘Smartest Traditionally Uniformed Scout Troop in England’ competition that was annually organised, and therefore have retain the trophy as seen in the photograph, now their smartness has also been recognised and acknowledged by a leading pottery company who researched the internet and decided to make an almost exact replica of our Scouts in the form of a 25cm (10”) high Meerkat fully dressed in our Scout Troop uniform, including in great detail the BBS Arrow badge, the ‘Tenderfoot’ investiture badge along with the ‘Order of World Scouts’ badge and of course. The ‘Order of World Scouts’ to which we belong, being the first and earliest world scout organisation founded in 1911, that later Baden-Powell copied for his Baden-Powell Scout organisation.

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